October 28, 2008

Monsters of Breakfast (4 of 5): Keep 'Em In Stitches

The Subject: General Mills cereal monsters.

The Twist: Drawing them in the style of Capcom's fighting game franchise, Darkstalkers.

Now we're finally getting to the heavy hitters--I present to you, Franken Berry! He's alive... HE'S ALIVE!

click above for larger view

Rather than ramble on about whatever, I'll let you all go about your business--you probably need to finish the last minute touches on your Halloween costumes. I'm dressing as a weirdo cartoonist who barricades himself in his apartment drawing obscure nerdy characters while watching cartoons and The News Hour with Jim Lehrer. I guess it's not so much a costume as much as on-going performance art. On-going for the past 31 years.


David Lee Ingersoll said...

Nicely done. The old boy finally looks scary.

grumpyoldgamer said...

If Count Chocula is not Morrigan I will be terribly disappointed.

J.Ho said...

david lee: thanks!

davros: i guess this isn't going to earn me any points with the dalek empire, but unfortunately my take on count chocula is a pretty straight-forward variation on demitri. wish i had thought of using morrigan as the basis!

Unknown said...

Def my fave of the series.

Artistically and flavorly.

Good job!