August 24, 2007

Necessary Evil Character Files (Part 3 of 7): Asian American Ninja

Another entry in my series of character designs for Josh's upcoming comic Necessary Evil. Today's character is another student at the Necessary Evil Academy, Sol:

click above for larger view

On the surface, she seems like a typical teenager, maybe a little shy. Get on her bad side, and you'll quickly discover that you're dealing with one of the deadliest assasins around. As Jacob and Miller begin carving out out a niche for themselves at the Necessary Evil Academy, Sol quickly becomes an integral part of their group of friends and allies.

Ask your local comic shop to order Necessary Evil #1. It's on page 265 of August's Previews catalog, and the Diamond order number is aug07 3547. And after you've done that, add Necessary Evil as your friend on MySpace.

Previous Necessary Evil posts:I'll be taking a brief break from the Necessary Evil Character Files, and resuming when the book's release date is closer. Stay tuned!