September 30, 2007

Greetings New Visitors! (Also: An Addendum, In Which I Explain How I Unknowingly Plaigarized An Idea)

First of all, hello to any new readers dropping in, and a HUGE thanks to Kevin for plugging my Halo Kitty post on his widely known and beloved blog. As a result of Kevin's post, my daily visitors jumped up, oh about 1268%. O_O

So, after the surge in page hits, I was looking at my blog's stats, checking out how people found my blog. Several LiveJournal pages mentioned my Halo Kitty post too (presumably someone on LiveJournal saw Kevin's blog, and things spread from there), but I also saw several hits referred from a comments thread on a Danish website discussing Halo. I'm always curious what the Danes are saying about me, so I ran some of the comments through a translator. One of the commentors linked my image saying "The rumours say that the sale hasn't gone in Japan so well, and that MicroSoft therefore works on a new version to the Japanese market." Very funny, yes? Well, the next person that replied said that Halo Kitty was old news, and gave a link--unfortunately the link was dead.

Well, this got me curious. Earlier in the year when I had drawn this image, I did a google image search for "Halo Kitty", and came up with a few images of Spartan heads Photoshopped onto cats, and one image of a Halo Kitty head Photoshopped onto Master Chief--I figured my concept was different enough, so I ran with it (well, I ran slowly, since I took several months to get around to coloring it). That was then.

A few minutes ago, I googled "Halo Kitty" and came up with this image, virtually identical in design to my own image, but predating me by three years. THREE YEARS. As it turns out, there are several Halo Kitties that predate mine. The one I just linked (posted November 2004) appears to be the most well-known--two others predate that. One from April 2004 and one from October 2004.

So, I am unoriginal, and a horse's ass, but unintentionally so. My apologies to the creator(s) of the original image(s). To anyone dropping in for the first time, I hope you'll stick around--I still have pictures of platypi with three-section staffs (an original idea, as far as I can tell), badger-pits, and of course various obscure nerdy characters from He-Man.

EDIT: There are a million more, CLICK HERE

(This post will be linked in the original Halo Kitty post.)


Unknown said...


I'm one of the LJ people who posted your Halo Kitty parody, and I love it. As I mention in my LJ, it is much better than the older one. So, keep on taking your kudos for a job well done!


Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

easily the best halo kitty ever. until someone hacks the game and codes for a halo kitty in-game.

don't feel too bad. art is in the air.

J.Ho said...

farrell: thanks, i really appreciate it! :)

lordshen: thanks dude.