July 08, 2008

The (Kart) Princess Diaries (Part 1 of 3)

I was playing Mario Kart with Coheteboy the other day, and I did not do well. Shameful, really.

But at least it provides me a convenient segue into my next couple of posts--in the latest incarnation of Mario Kart, the Princess characters sport sleek-looking jumpsuits when they ride motorcycles. I thought the jumpsuits were really sharp, so I decided to draw the foxxy blue bloods of the Mario-verse. First up, naturally, is Peach:

click above for larger view

If I actually owned the game, or had some decent reference, I might have drawn her (or the other Princesses) on one of the cooler looking motorcycles. OH WELL!


illgnosis said...

That's one Bootyful Princess you got there.. Nice! Active pose good colors... A. A+ if you woulda drawn the bike.

J.Ho said...

thanks comrade! i'll have to draw the bike for a makeup assignment, just so i can get that "+"