December 09, 2008

Mutant Zoo! Gorilla + Octopus!

For the Mutant Zoo jam, held by Dreamwolf and Super-Munkyboy at Deviantart--here's a hybrid between a Gorilla and an Octopus:

click above for larger view

... despite their fearsome appearance and deafening displays, the Octorilla is a serene, family-oriented creature, inquisitive and gregarious...
This was the combination that originally attracted me to the Mutant Zoo jam, from a few weeks back. I wasn't in time for the original deadline, but I actually designed this hybrid before I started on the Bat + Deer combination. I finally got a chance to color it up, so here it is.

Be sure to check out Dreamwolf's Deviantart page for links to other participants!

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Anonymous said...

I thought the Taramur was the greatest thing in the world until I saw this. You've got my vote for World Emperor as long as you run on the "Unholy Genetic Experimentation" platform.