December 05, 2008

Mutant Zoo! Lemur + Tarantula!

For this week's Mutant Zoo jam, held by Dreamwolf and Super-Munkyboy at Deviantart--here's a hybrid between a Lemur and a Tarantula:

... the tip of the Taramur's nimble tail actually houses the creature's spinnerets, allowing it to spin webs in almost any direction. The glowing eyes in the Taramur's abdomen have excellent vision, and are capable of firing intense psionic blasts...
Be sure to check out Dreamwolf's Deviantart page for links to other participants!


Don Chente said...

Man, this thing is CREEPY COOL!! Love those eyes!

Anonymous said...

Pardon the cliche, but this one really jumps off the screen!

Also, I think you melded the animals much better than the Bat/Deer and Ladybug/Rhino. I thought those two look more like one animal with pieces of the second slapped on.

The Pug/Shark and especially this Taramur look like a new creature.