July 21, 2009

Let Us Pray...

This week, Comic-Con will descend upon us once more. Let us pray that last year's... incident... will not be repeated.

If you're heading down to Comic-Con, please be sure to visit:
  • Josh and Vinny signing daily @ Image Comics. Booth 2729.
  • Dustin and Derek, who both have tables in Artist's Alley. Table FF-04 and Table KK-08, respectively.
  • Karen, Sherri, and Jodi @ the Tired Girl Collective in small press. As mentioned in my previous post, they are also hosting Nathan and his new toy Boris the Raccoon. Even though neither Nathan nor Boris are tired girls. Or are they? Table M07.


illgnosis said...

I'm praying for a repeat. ;) hehe!

Anonymous said...


petoke said...

hey at least you had that option. what did the girls do?

I'm pretty sure you could have walked to san diego in less time.

ok, must get back to work now. great meeting you today!