June 07, 2011

HEY! Commission a sketch from me for a good cause: HELP THE CHEERLEADER

If you just want to get right to the specifics of the commissions, CLICK HERE.

The cause that I'm raising money for is http://www.helpthecheerleader.com/

From the site:
A Silsbee High School cheerleader took her school to court when they kicked her off the squad for refusing to cheer her own rapist.

The week of May 5, 2011 the Supreme Court refused to hear the case and is requiring her family pay the school $45,000 in legal fees.

We want to help – and we want to give you the opportunity to help too.
The less I say about it, the better, cause if I start talking about it, I'm just gonna get mad. Suffice it to say, this is utterly unacceptable, and if we can help, we should.

So for $20 bucks, you get a full color sketch from me and you help a good cause! And if you don't want a sketch from me, you can still donate to the site, that's cool too! Either way, please spread the word! Thank you!

* * *

UPDATE!!! Please click this to read more!


Anonymous said...

Just so you know - you rock. ;-)

J.Ho said...

thank you! :)